Pindara Day Procedure Centre

Instructions after your procedure

One of the recovery staff will notify your carer when to return to PDPC. They will need to park in the drop off/ pick up zone outside Pindara Place. Your post operative instructions will be explained to you and your carer. You will be escorted with your carer to the car by one of the nursing staff.

It is recommended that you:

  1. Go straight home and rest.
  2. Do not drive a car or operate any machinery for at least 24 hours after an anaesthetic.
  3. Do not sign any legal documents or make any important decisions within 24 hours of an anaesthetic.
  4. Follow your doctors’ instructions if medications have been prescribed.
  5. Do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours after your procedure.
  6. Should you or your carer become concerned about anything regarding your recovery, please contact your doctor or if after hours and in case of emergency go to the Emergency Department at Pindara Private Hospital.

What to Expect

Pindara Day Procedure Centre (PDPC) is a stand alone day surgery, located on the ground floor of Pindara Place, within the Pindara Private Hospital grounds. PDPC caters for patients who do not require overnight admission.

When the patient is a child, (less than 18 years of age) the parent/guardian must remain within PDPC for the duration of the child’s admission. NB. Please bring baby formula and accessories if required for a baby after the procedure.

We aim to admit you to the day surgery approximately 1 hour prior to your procedure time, to allow for the nursing staff, anaesthetist and your doctor to see you. Due to circumstances beyond our control, sometimes the waiting time may be longer. We apologise in advance if this happens but rest assured we will endeavour to keep you informed if there is such a delay.

When the time comes for your procedure, you will change into a hospital gown and be escorted into the theatre. The staff will always confirm your name, date of birth and what you are having done. It is standard in all health facilities to check these details at least 3 times before a procedure.

Upon waking post procedure, you will be in our Stage 1 Recovery Unit. Nursing staff will be close by observing you as you recover. When you are well enough to have refreshments, you will be escorted to Stage 2 Recovery where you will be offered suitable refreshments.

When you have recovered sufficiently for discharge, your carer will be asked to sign for taking over your care. Please ensure you have a responsible adult to take you home and care for you at least overnight but preferably for 24 hours after your procedure.

Instructions before your procedure

If you are booked for a Gastroscopy or Colonoscopy, you must carry out the instructions given to you by your doctor. This may involve having the day off work prior to your procedure to enable you to complete any preparation. If you do not follow the doctors’ instructions re bowel preparation, you may not be able to have your procedure as planned.

For all other procedures, it is advisable to have only a light meal and no alcohol the evening prior and to cease smoking at least 24 hours prior to your admission. Do not eat or drink anything within 6 hours of your scheduled procedure.

If there is any change in your condition prior to your admission, eg. cold, fever, infected cuts etc… please contact your doctor or phone PDPC on 5588 9588.

Before you leave home, please shower and don’t wear any jewellery, perfume or make up. A locker will be provided but we do not take any responsibility for possessions or valuables. Wear fresh comfortable clothes and follow any other instructions your doctor has given you. You should consult your doctor before ceasing any regular medication prior to your procedure.

Any out of pocket expense must be paid prior to your procedure. We accept cash, EFTPOS and most credit cards except Amex and Diners Club. Please contact your health fund prior to admission, to check your level of cover and excess if applicable.