Patient Safety and Quality Care

Pindara Day Procedure Centre is committed to providing safe and quality care for all patients.  Our experienced team of healthcare professionals, care givers and support staff are equipped to provide the highest level of surgical services.  We work together with patients, their carer’s and their families, to ensure their safety, well-being and recovery.

Our Safety and Quality Performance

Post – operative wound infection rate
Hand Hygiene
90% (national average 84%)
Patient Falls
Unplanned return to theatre
Unplanned transfer to (overnight stay) hospital
Medication Safety Errors
Patients developing pressure injuries
Patient Satisfaction
Very High


Pindara Day Procedure Centre implements a quality management system to the  2nd Edition, 8 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS)

Infection Control

Pindara Day Procedure Centre takes every precaution to avoid patient infections and has a robust infection control procedure to improve patient outcomes.  Pindara Day Procedure Centre monitors and reviews post-operative wound infections to identify if any action is required.

Hand Hygiene

Pindara Day Procedure Centre’s hand hygiene program has been developed to ensure all staff are educated in the 5 moments for hand hygiene and current hand hygiene practice, as per Hand Hygiene Australia’s recommendation. Regular compliance audits are carried out and the results provided to the National Hand Hygiene Initiative for comparison to the national rate.

Patient Falls

Pindara Day Procedure Centre works with patients and carers to reduce the incidence of patient falls and to minimise harm from falls for patients in care.  All patients are assessed to ensure that a patient’s falls risk is recognised promptly and appropriate action is taken. All patients who require post-anaesthetic care and post-procedure mobilisation are discharged with their carer to their transport with a hospital staff member.

Unplanned Return to Theatre

Pindara Day Procedure Centre monitors any unplanned return to the operating room and reports and reviews the data collected to identify if any action is required.

Unplanned Transfer to (Overnight Stay) Hospital

Pindara Day Procedure Centre monitors, reports and reviews patients who have required an unplanned admission to hospital.  Monitoring of this information is very important as it provides information as to the effectiveness of our admission and discharge planning procedures.

Medication Safety

Pindara Day Procedure Centre has medication procedures in place which have been developed using best practice principles. We encourage staff to report any errors.  All medication incidents are investigated and actioned.

Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure injuries are wounds which form as a result of prolonged pressure to an area of the skin.  Pindara Day Procedure Centre staff work with patients and their carers to prevent these injuries from occurring.

Pindara Day Procedure Centre is well equipped to assist staff in preventing these injuries from occurring.  All patients are assessed on admission to ensure patients with a pressure area risk are recognised promptly and appropriate precautions taken.

Patient Satisfaction

A high level of patient satisfaction is part of our PDPC vision and at the forefront of every PDPC team member’s mind. We encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us on every aspect of your care at Pindara Day Procedure Centre.

All feedback received from patients whether during our pre op calls, on the day of surgery from the patient or carers directly to our staff, via our patient survey or in the follow up post-surgery calls, is collected and shared with all members of the PDPC team.  All incidents are reported, reviewed and system improvements agreed and relevant staff trained on new processes as part of our quality management system.